Instructions for papers

Abstracts and Articles Formatting

The Program and Organizing Committee invites those, who wish to contribute to the conference, to submit an abstract.
Abstracts (only text) with max. 1 500 characters (cca 200 words) must be submitted electronically by March 25, 2015 to the conference secretariat by on-line registration. Formatting is limited by application for on-line registration.
Instructions for authors of articles for publication in the collection of papers and an example of the article can be found underneath. 
Articles (max. 6 pages) must be worked up according to instructions and submitted electronically by April 20, 2015 at e-mail:

Please send us all photos, maps or images you have used in your article too. Separately as attached files (in formats *.jpg, *.tiff or *.png) in print quality – 300 dpi for used size of the photos.
Collection of papers will be available at the conference.


Criteria for selection of Abstracts

The Programme Committee will review all abstracts for the conference and make selection based on content, objectives, relevance to the conference themes and the evaluation criteria. The deadline for abstract submission is March 25, 2015.
Please submit your abstract in time to obtain prompt confirmation and enable its processing. When submitting the abstract, please indicate whether your abstract should be considered for the oral presentation or the poster one.
All persons, who submit abstracts, will receive notification of the committee’s decision no later than on March 25, 2015.


Oral Presentations

Duration of the oral presentations should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.
All lecturers must use Power Point formatting of their presentations for computer projection. A laptop computer, projector and screen will be available in the conference room. Please bring your presentation either on a CD, USB or send it electronically at e-mail:
Presentations shall be loaded onto the dedicated PC at least one hour before the start of the conference.
The computer platform for projecting of PowerPoint images is Windows based.


Poster Presentations

The Program and Organizing Committee will select abstracts for poster presentation in Poster Sessions. Presenters are kindly asked to bring (or send in advance) posters, if possible. Posters will be displayed on poster boards during conference.
Articles for posters (max. 2 pages) must be worked up according to instructions and submitted electronically by April 20, 2015 at e-mail:
Each poster should be printed on paper 70 cm width × 100 cm height. Organizing Committee is responsible for any other special poster mounting needs (stands and frames). Posters must be set up no later than one hour before the start of the conference presentations (May 28, 2015), best in the evening May 27, 2015.

For creating of posters you can use the *.pdf fill Poster template below.