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The CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS – final version – and also some of the PRESENTATIONS you can download below.
The presenters who would like to publicate their presentation at our website, too, are kindly asked to let us know via e-mail.


The Slovak Environmental Agency, the programme and organizing committee would like to invite specialists from the field of contaminated sites and other related professional fellows to attend the International conference Contaminated sites Bratislava 2013 on May 29 – 31, 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The venue of the conference is the Hotel TATRA in Bratislava.

Contaminated sites are the problem not only for the member state of the European Union, but also for many other countries in the world. Main purpose of the conference is the exchange of the informations and practical experiences (know-how) among experts from the governmental organizations, private businesses as well as scientific and research companies dealing with contaminated sites with the focus on legislation, strategies, inventory, investigation, survey, risk assessment, remediation methods and technologies and sustainable remediation. The conference will be organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. It will be held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic on May 29 – 31, 2013. Articles (paper, max. 6 pages) deadline for conference proceedings – April 15, 2013.
First circular of the conference with updated (prolonged) important dates you can find underneath.
Programme of ORAL PRESENTATIONS – final version of the agenda of the conference you can download underneath.
List of POSTER PRESENTATIONS – final version you can download underneath.

Common Forum Meeting

Accompanying event – meeting of the Common Forum on Contaminated land in the European Union will be held simultaneously with the conference. Agenda – final version of the agenda of the Common Forum Meeting you can download below.


The International conference Contaminated sites 2013 Bratislava is one of the activities of the project Education and public awareness as a support in contaminated sites remediation in SR. The project is co-financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund within the frame of the Operational Programme Environment, forms as component of Priority Axis 4: Waste managment, Operational Objective 4.4: Solution of contaminated sites including their removal.

Download files:

1_ICCS_2013_Marijke_Cardon_B [PDF; 236 kB]
2_ICCS_2013_Vlasta_Janova_SK [PDF; 2,67 MB]
3_ICCS_2013_Sophie_Capus_L [PDF; 232 kB]
4_ICCS_2013_Esther_Goidts_B [PDF; 716 kB]
6_ICCS_2013_Moritz_Ortmann_A [PDF; 147 kB]
7_ICCS_2013_Markus_Ausserleitner_A [PDF; 92 kB]
9_ICCS_2013_Zdenek_Suchanek_CZ [PDF; 631 kB]
10_ICCS_2013_Dragana_Vidojevic_SRB [PDF; 580 kB]
11_ICCS_2013_Jiri_Tylčer_CZ [PDF; 367 kB]
12_ICCS_2013_Antonella_Vecchio_I [PDF; 995 kB]
15_ICCS_2013_Iason_Verginelli_I [PDF; 882 kB]
18_ICCS_2013_Valentin_Plesca_MD [PDF; 404 kB]
19_ICCS_2013_Jiri_Mikes_CZ [PDF; 483 kB]
20_ICCS_2013_Kevin_Helps_FAO [PDF; 425 kB]
21_ICCS_2013_John_Keith_USA [PDF; 486 kB]
22_ICCS_2013_Ion_Barbarasa_MD [PDF; 456 kB]
23_ICCS_2013_Katarina_Dercova_SK [PDF; 3,22 MB]
24_25_ICCS_2013_Peter_Stanley_Tristan_James__UK [PDF; 2,1 MB]
27_ICCS_Grzegorz_Siebielec_PL [PDF; 5,87 MB]
28_ICCS_2013_Lubica_Palkovicova_SK [PDF; 580 kB]
First circular ICCS 2013 version 03 [PDF; 538 kB]
Agenda – Meeting of the Common Forum on Contaminated land in EU [PDF; 624 kB]