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Final version of the CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS and also some of the PRESENTATIONS (in *.pdf) you can find and download below. Some of the photos taken during the conference are available for download as well.

The presenters who would like to publicate their presentation at our website, too, are kindly asked to let us know via e-mail.

A message of thanks to the participants in the International Conference Contaminated Sites 2016

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
I hope that the International Conference CONTAMINATED SITES 2016 was a unique opportunity for all of you to share your ideas in the field of contaminated sites. I do believe that our conference will stay at the top of the list of environmental events during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2016.
Thank you for your participation in the International Conference Contaminated Sites 2016 and for you active contribution to its programme. We appreciate it a lot.
On behalf of all organisers we are hopeful that following the Conference Contaminated Sites 2016 we will be honoured to welcome all of you – scientists, researchers, company and public bodies representatives, students and policy makers from all over the world – in Slovakia in 2018 again.
Scientific Committee


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Environment Agency is delighted to invite you to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, to participate in the

International Conference CONTAMINATED SITES 2016

that will be held on 12 and 13 September 2016 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
The conference venue is Hotel Bôrik in Bratislava,

Following the successful Conference Contaminated Sites Bratislava 2013 and Conference Contaminated Sites Bratislava 2015, we have a great pleasure to welcome participants from all over the world in Bratislava again.
The International Conference CONTAMINATED SITES 2016 will be held during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union and will be a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding setting for all participants including scientists, researchers, company representatives and policy makers to share their projects, scientific experience, innovations and ideas about the contaminated sites.
We are looking forward to making the conference an unforgettable scientific and social event together.
See you in Bratislava in September 2016!
Scientific Committee

Download files:

1_ICCS 2016 Luca Montanarella [PDF; 2,26 MB]
2_ICCS 2016 Dominique Darmendrail & Dietmar Müller-Grabherr [PDF; 783 kB]
3_ICCS 2016 Marco Martuzzi [PDF; 2,74 MB]
4_ICCS 2016 Vlasta Jánová [PDF; 4,81 MB]
5_ICCS 2016 Luciano Butti [PDF; 147 kB]
6_ICCS 2016 Markus Ausserleitner [PDF; 342 MB]
8_ICCS 2016 Johan Ceenaeme [PDF; 0,97 MB]
9_ICCS 2016 Maria Kuyukina [PDF; 5,27 MB]
11_ICCS 2016 Meshari Almutairi [PDF; 4,21 MB]
12_ICCS 2016 Fernando da Penha Rebelo [PDF; 22,5 MB]
13_ICCS 2016 Jozef Kobza [PDF; 2,54 MB]
14_ICCS 2016 Milan Sáňka [PDF; 2,53 MB]
15_ICCS 2016 Steven J. Pye [PDF; 3,08 MB]
16_ICCS 2016 Oleg Bogdevich [PDF; 3,47 MB]
17_ICCS 2016 Zdeněk Suchánek [PDF; 2,02 MB]
19_ICCS 2016 Karel Waska [PDF; 2,93 MB]
21_ICCS 2016 Michael Mueller [PDF; 1,08 MB]
24_ICCS 2016 Valer Micle [PDF; 1,85 MB]
26_ICCS 2016 Wolfgang Friesl-Hanl [PDF; 1,51 MB]
30_ICCS 2016 Valentina Pidlisnyuk [PDF; 3,25 MB]
31_ICCS 2016 Guido Bonati [PDF; 7,83 MB]
Photos ICCS 2016 [PDF; 4,95 MB]